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Those of us in the outdoor industry know the importance of being prepared, especially as we venture out into uncharted territory. To temper the fear of the unknown, we do our research of the terrain, climate, and conditions. Oftentimes we may reach out to a guide for seasoned experience and recommendations.

Consider Make Plus Equal your guide for size equity. Whether your brand is in the early stages or further down the path of size inclusion, we’re here to educate and advise your teams along the way, helping them avoid missteps and build confidence as they drive your business forward by connecting with a broader target audience.

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Women Who are Size 14+
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Average Size of US Women
Plus Sized Women in North America
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Meet Andrea Kelly


Voted by Outside Business Journal as one of 2022’s Twenty Most Influential People in the Outdoor Industry, Andrea Kelly has been championing Size Inclusion in the outdoor apparel industry since 2015, helping multi-billion dollar corporations succeed in shifting away from the outdated sizing norm to address the needs of the present-day population. With over 2 decades of hands-on business experience in Product Development, Product Line Management, Merchandising, Cost Engineering, and Consumer Engagement, Andrea has implemented programs that increase revenue and market share, while also serving marginalized communities.

Her efforts, expertise, experience in case studies, consumer insights, customer relations, and market knowledge not only doubled the revenue for the Inclusive Sizes program at one of the world’s Top 3 Global Outdoor Apparel brands, but have also positioned her as an industry expert serving on various industry panels, keynotes, podcasts, and magazine articles. Her industry knowledge, paired with the sharing of both personal and learned consumer experiences and insights, inspires and guides organizations to be the change that the larger portion of outdoor communities have been waiting for. Your brand could be that change.

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Services & Sessions

From strategy, merchandising and line planning, development, costing, consumer engagement, and retail shopping experience – we can help.

Let’s identify how Make Plus Equal can guide your brand’s size inclusion initiative.

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Education & Consulting

Schedule an Intro Session on the Why behind size inclusion, or choose from a list of department-specific Focus Areas for your organization. Combine topics for package pricing.

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Community Connections

Speaking your customers’ language and meeting them where they’re at is the key to authentic connections. Make Plus Equal connects brands to athletes with a wealth of knowledge to share, and visibility in the communities where you want to be seen.

Founder Andrea Kelly sits in a comfy brown leather chair while speaking on a panel. She wears a bronze and navy colored plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and dark denim jeans.

Speaking & Events

Whether you’re planning a meeting for your teams or a larger event, Andrea brings her knowledge and passion to the stage or panel. 

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