A photo of 4 people varying in size, gender identity, and ethnicity, in a well-lit business setting, chairs circled in discussion.

Comprehensive Suite of Services for your Brand

Equity in the outdoors and business growth aren’t mutually exclusive. Let’s work together to find the right solution for your organization.

“Inclusivity is the biggest market opportunity. It’s an area [with] enormous potential for growth and social impact. Brand loyalty is up for grabs, and now is the time to make moves.

– Mon Balon, founder and CEO of Plus Snow

Education & Consulting

A photo of 2 people varying in size, gender identity, and ethnicity, in a well-lit business setting, sitting at a table , focusing their attention at a coworker off-camera.

Intro Sessions

Looking for the big picture on the importance of Size Equity in the Outdoor Apparel Industry? Or have some burning questions you haven’t been able to get clarity on?

Our Intro Sessions serve as a way to get a broad understanding before diving into the nitty gritty work. These sessions can also be used as an assessment to draw out areas where your teams may wish to delve deeper with a Focus Session.

Focus Sessions

Are your Product Managers looking for consumer insights? Help with assortment planning while keeping size inclusion in mind? Wondering how taking on a larger size curve impacts margin and how to mitigate risk? Or is your Marketing team looking for guidance on how to connect and build trust with a new segment of customers?

Select a Focus Session targeted for key departments in your organization – or combine a few as a package.

A photo of 3 people varying in size, gender identity, and ethnicity, standing in a circle in a well-lit business setting, having an engaging conversation.

Public Speaking & Events

Founder Andrea Kelly, wearing a gold and blue flannel shirt and dark jeans, sits in a padded leather chair during a panel discussion. She smiles as she engages with the audience.

Speaking & Events

An experienced educator and public speaker, Andrea takes every opportunity to shout from the rooftops about the importance of size inclusion in the outdoors. From intimate groups to large venues, she is at ease bringing experiences and case studies to life with her honest, authentic, and often dad-joke-peppered storytelling. Her thought-provoking speaking engagements send people away inspired and curious for more.

Community Connections

Authentic Connections

If you build it, they will come…but only if you engage with your consumer and their community. Authentic connections with consumers, athletes, and influencers ensure you’re building the right product the right way for the community you’re trying to serve.

Make Plus Equal facilitates consumer insights sessions, enabling your Product teams to gain a better understanding of the target consumers’ needs their needs.

Additionally we’ll introduce your Marketing teams to your customer where they are, helping your brand gain visibility and traction with the plus-size community.


Whether using our knowledge base, or pairing you with influencers and industry leaders who are working change the landscape, we’ll ensure you’re connecting with your consumer on their terms.

A plus-sized hiker stands, grinning, in a black short sleeved shirt, hiking pants, hiking boots. and trekking poles, on a green mossy path with craggy rocks in the background

Available Focus Session Topics

Customize your sessions by choosing one or multiple topics from our broad range of content options below, or chat with us to request additional topics.

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